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Business Valet

Why Us?

  • Support a local business
  • Customizable
  • Eleven years combined valet experience
  • Strict hiring standards


We have a range of customizable packages ranging from basic valet services to custom packages with security cameras.


If your business simply needs a couple valets to help with the flow of traffic and provide a better experience, this is the package for you.

We will provide a valet stand, cones, and even valet signs. Our standard valet uniform - red and black polos - and friendly faces will help enrich your business' environment

Additionally, in the future we will be able to provide analytics about how our service is being used by your customers.


If your business needs the special touch a valet can offer to bring a better experience to your customers, we can customize that experience to ensure the best fit.

We can build a custom valet stand that matches your business; whether it's cedar and mahogany or rustic metal, we'll make our box - the firs thing your customers see - into a work of art.

Our valets can be outfitted in attire appropriate for your business - polos, bowties and vests, or even a tuxedo.

If your business wants extra security, we can partner with CCTV Texas to bring the right technology to the table.

Event Valet

Why Us?

  • Experience
  • Customizable
  • Strict hiring standards
  • We've done this before.


We have a plenty of room to customize our service to your event. Private parties, shows, meetings, or anything else you might need a valet for - we'll adapt to your event.

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